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The data from the 2014 Universum Student Survey was collected between October 2013 and January 2014. The following results are based on the responses of more than 46,000 undergraduate students. The Ideal Employer Rankings represent the employers most selected as “Ideal” by student respondents.

Across the past 25 years, Universum has been using the insights from its annual Student Survey to help employers understand, attract, and retain current and future employees through its research, strategic consulting, and activation services.

Top 100 Ideal Employer Rankings

Business Students


View the full Top 100 Business Ranking.

Engineering Students


View the full Top 100 Engineering Ranking.

Computer Science Students


View the Top 100 Computer Science Ranking.

Natural Science Students

View the full Top 100 Natural Science Ranking.

Humanities Students


View the full Top 100 Humanities Ranking.

What Millennials Want in 2014

All Undergraduates

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What do YOUR target candidates want?

Get a free preview into the Top 10 job preferences for engineering, computer science, business, natural science, and humanities students.

Harder to reach top talent

Melissa Bailey - Universum“As the competition for top talent grows increasingly fierce, it’s more important than ever for employers to be proactive about building brands to attract the right people. Through the survey data, employers can gain insights about the preferences of their target group and leverage that information to build a message that resonates. These rankings celebrate the employers that have made deliberate investments in their employer brand.”

– Melissa Murray Bailey, President – Americas, Universum

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